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21 & 22 June 2022


Discover the Model that is Transforming Individuals, Teams, and Organisations Worldwide

Becoming an effective leader isn't a one-time event or destination.

It's a journey requiring ongoing growth, support, and learning. Based on positive feedback from senior management of major NPOs and alumni of the Serving Leader Seminars and Programmes since 2016, Integrative Learning Corporation and Center for Serving Leadership are pleased to offer another online seminar on The Serving Leader Model.

This proven leadership approach has been a catalyst for dramatically transforming individual leaders, teams, and organisations worldwide. Based on the best-selling book, The Serving Leader, this seminar will equip you and your teams with practical strategies to awaken, align, and achieve your Great Purpose.


1. WHO are you?
DNA: What is your organisation’s unique design?
2. HOW will you operate?
Values: What are the guiding principles that define your organisation’s behavior and priorities?
3. WHAT will you accomplish?
Mission: What’s the story you want to tell in 2-3 years?
4. WHY do you exist?
Great Purpose: Why does your work matter and how will you make the world a better place?


You will learn how to:

  • Discover the power of a fully awakened workforce

  • Clearly define your mission and vision

  • Fully engage and align your teams

  • Create a serving culture

  • Ensure values are practiced, not just preached

  • Improve team unity and productivity

"I benefitted greatly from the course because John has summarized the key learnings and contextualized the Serving Leader Model to our current leadership framework. He has kindly affirmed our work and enhanced our thinking/plans to bring it to be an even stronger plan. I am looking forward to sustainable ideas on cascading and embedding the Serving Leader culture in AWWA”.

Cynthia Lee

Former Director, HR Headquarters, AWWA

"Like the way the course is tailored to the leadership team and discussion and learning is contextualized".

Terence Yow

Divisional Director, AMKFSC

"The aspect of the course I appreciated most is the template and bringing a deeper understanding of linking Vision, Mission, Values to what we do. Will recommend this course to others“because the Word forms the bedrock of this program”.

Chan Foong Yee

Head, Human Resources, All Saints Home



Webinar Agenda

Session 1: Opening

  • General Overview

  • High-Performance Culture

  • The Serving Leader Compass

Session 2: Run to Great Purpose

  • Understanding the primary, daily preoccupation of great leaders

  • Connecting each employee directly and powerfully to the compelling vision

  • Creating vision communication plans to embed purpose throughout the organisation

Session 3: Raise the Bar & Blaze the Trail

  • Clarifying and defining values in measurable and behavioural terms

  • How to strengthen a culture of values in the hiring process

  • Practising the values out “at the fingertips” of the organisation

  • Discovering and teaching “critical to success” disciplines of your organisation

  • Regularly reviewing practices and processes to eliminate waste

Session 4: Build on Strengths & Upend the Pyramid

  • Aligning strengths to team responsibilities

  • Transforming delegation practices for stronger performance and engagement

  • Building a culture of continuous learning and growth.

Conclusions and Take-Aways


Learning Outcomes

At the end of the webinar, you will:

  1. Learn the holistic Serving Leadership framework, not a compilation of unrelated, “one-off” topics.

  2. Gain an overview of the 5 Action of the Serving Leader Model that are transforming individuals and organisations worldwide.

  3. Discover the relevance of the Serving Leader Model for your organisation.

  4. Learn the significant impact your organisation’s vision has upon employee engagement, and how to transform vision into mission and strategy.

  5. Discover how to identify, define, and operationalise core values and embed these values into the everyday practices of your employees.

  6. Clarify your central mission focus—what your organisation does best to serve your clients —and gain discipline in removing barriers and avoiding “mission drift.”

  7. Build stronger teams by matching each person’s capabilities and passion to assignments where they can contribute most.

  8. Empower your team members through effective delegation so you, your team, and your organisation can reach full potential.


Based on the evaluation summaries of 724 participants who attended the Serving Leader (SL) seminars and in-house programmes,

  • 88% rated the five SL actions relevance to their current work.

  • 83% achieved the fulfilment of their personal expectations.

  • 78% would recommend the SL practices to their contacts.


Fees & Funding

Full Fee: S$1,819 per participant (including GST)

*Early Bird Registration Fee: S$1,605 (including GST)

21 & 22 June 2022: Early bird ends 10 June

Net fee payable after VCF Training Grant (VCF) Funding:

  • S$605 (including GST) for Early Bird Period

  • S$819 (including GST) for after Early Bird Period

Net fee payable after Community Care Training Grant (CCTG) Funding:

  • S$160.50 (after CCTG claim) for Early Bird Period

  • S$170 (after CCTG claim) for after Early Bird Period


Group Discount (5 or more pax): Additional s$100 off per pax (before GST)

VCF Training Grant (VCF)

The VCF Training Grant by NCSS provides co-funding for local training courses to help charities comply with regulatory requirements and build good governance standards. Pre-approved course details can be found below:

VCF Ref No.: PAS00002453

Course Title: The Serving Leader Seminar for SSAs

Course Provider: Integrative Learning Corporation Pte Ltd

Community Care Training Grant (CCTG)

The Community Care Training Grant by Agency for Integrated Care supports the fees of training courses, workshops and conferences. Corporate and support staff may also be funded under this grant to upgrade themselves in areas relevant to their work.



21 & 22 June 2022, 9am to 5pm daily




Your Facilitators

“The principles found in John’s best-selling book,
The Serving Leader, lend exceptional support to leaders seeking transformation in their personal lives and in their organisations.”


Fortune Magazine’s

World’s 50 Greatest Leaders

Dr John Stahl-Wert is a best-selling author, an internationally known speaker, and a leadership development expert. Through innovative training, collaborative workshops, and best-selling books, John has impacted leaders and organisations around the world. John serves as the President and Director of Center for Serving Leadership, which provides leadership solutions based on The 5 Actions℠ described in John’s best-selling book, The Serving Leader.

Since 2016, John has conducted a series of bespoke in-house interventions and consultations in Singapore for organisations such as National Council of Social Service, Methodist Welfare Services, Jurong Health Services, AWWA and The Salvation Army. He also conducted customised seminars on The Serving Leader Model for Senior Non-Profit, SSO and healthcare leaders.

John is the founder and former CEO of Serving Ventures. He previously served for eighteen years at Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation where he was President and CEO. He is the founder of Pittsburgh Urban Leadership Service Experience (PULSE), Leadership Foundations Training Institute, The Union Project, and Amachi Pittsburgh. John serves as Adjunct Faculty for the Ray Bakke Centre for Urban Transformation in Hong Kong, and for Geneva College’s Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) program.





Ivy Lim is a Principal Consultant with Integrative Learning Corporation, and certified trainer of The Serving Leader Model by Center for Serving Leadership.

Ivy is a very experienced and dynamic trainer.  She has more than 25 years’ experience in training and human resource development.  She specialises in Leadership Development for areas of  Performance Management, Coaching Skills, Leadership Skills, Management Skills, Conflict Management;  Facilitation Skills, Team Building Skills, Team Profiling through DISC; Individual Development for areas of Communications Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Presentation Skills, Creative & Innovative Thinking, Confidence Building, Customer Services; HR Development for areas in Behavioural Interviews and Competency Development.

Ivy graduated with an MSc in Training and HRM from the University of Leicester, UK and holds an Advance Diploma in Business Administration and a Diploma in Electronics Engineering. She is a certified facilitator for Development Dimension International (DDI) and a certified behavioural analyst and Coach for DISC. She is also certified in the use of the Extended DISC® by Extended DISC North America and is EQ Certified.




Dr Tan Bee Wan is a social worker, social entrepreneur, lecturer and consultant. She is also the Executive Chairman of Integrative Learning Corporation (ILC) Singapore, an international consulting & management development group and ACE Seniors, a social enterprise with the mission of empowering 50+ years old and enabling them to remain relevant and a source of inspiration for their community.

Prior to leading Integrative, she was the Executive Director of the Singapore Council of Social Service and Community Chest of Singapore and CEO of Tsao Foundation.

She is adjunct lecturer for SUSS and NUS Business School; designing and teaching social leadership, social innovation, social enterprises and CSR, fundraising and philanthropy for the Master in Nonprofit Management, Master of Community and Social Leadership, and NUS-MBA Programme.

Bee Wan graduated with a Ph.D. from the National University of Singapore andMaster of Social Work from the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, USA. Her Ph.D. dissertation is titled, “Research Study on the Trends and Patterns of Corporate Giving to Charities in Singapore”.

Bee Wan b&w.png


Please contact or call +65 6536 8860

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